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dimarts, 20 de març de 2012

helps to be hosted in BCN



To sleep in the city, as well as the hotels or hostals, from one or other
property, there´s other kind to stay paying less than the great places, and
taking common services, there are more introduced in the subur and
there it will be allowed to extrangers to share experiences with native

The "youth hostels" in the city are more extended copying the use all
over Europe, to make and exemple, I will speak now about "Nice and Cozy"
hostel in Horta, in "Chapi" street, it is in front of the major Church, it
has got one common kitchen, common barbacue, and wonderful sees all
over Collserola mountain.  The bedrooms are for more than one person,
and young people makes group easily between then.

Sant Joan d´Horta Church in front ......
the most popular meeting point in the North of......
(patronal celebrations second week in september)

There´s one list about the hostels in Horta and Guinardó.

"Mellow Eco" -- C. Aguilar, 54
34 93 357 52 80

"Garden House" -- C. Hedilla, 58
34 93 427 24 79

nice entrance door
nice house from first XIX century!!!
nice garden
and nice people!!!

"Arian Youth Hostel" -- Av. Mare de Deu de Montserrat, 251

"Agora" -- behind ciclyng stadium in Horta

big residence!!
with great environment

near the labyrinth park in the entrance door from Collserola

available easily!!!



To eat and drink in BCN I have one preference to tell to all tourist and new
persons arrived from all over, but to recommend, in first place my preference
is to taste the route around the typical"tapas, it´s a tradition imported from
"Andalucia", that allows you to eat different food delicatessen for less price.

Nou Barris;

"All i Oli" / typical restaurant in "Sant Andres" neighbourhood
especiallized in cooking barbacue meat and "grilled snakes"!!
funny decoration, it´s  like a cavern
gentle service.
C. Alella, 3

"La Esquinica" / typical from "Aragon"
choricicos, bravicas, chistorrica, all finish en "-ico-a"!!!!!
beer and cool drinks in half litre mesure its call "guay"!!.
one beer guay and "bravicas" to lunch is one option to order.
gentle service
you must queue!!
C. Fabra i Puig, 296


"Tasca i Vins" / bread and cold cured meat and celebrations
a typical catalonian country house in "Nou Barris"
wonderful typical decoration
good meat and "grilled snakes"
reserve required
C. Cardenal Tedeschini, 32

"Glòria" / traditional and family restaurant
set meal all days and weekend
variety and good kitchen
ask for Diego!!
reserve required
Passatge Vila i Rosell, 4
93 429 30 39


"Flash Flash" / tortilla and evening pica-pica
60´s decoration and pre-minimal dessign
C. la Granada del Penedés, 25

"El Glop de la Rambla" / charter and set meal
just at 10 minuts to the "Plaça Catalunya".
good catalonian kitchen and quiet atmosphere
reserve required
Rambla Catalunya, 65
fono 93 487 00 97

"La Piazzenza" / pizzeria and pasta
the best italian restaurant near "Sagrada Familia"
fast pizzes at the entrance bar
Avda. Gaudí, 27-29


"El Drapaire" / "sangria" with bread and cold cured meat
tavern in the "Casc Antic", "wines route"!!
decoration from pass, growing tools, dishes,
funny and gentle service
C. Sitges, 11

"La Perla Nera" / pizzeria cook in wood-oven
near the Cathedral!!
reserve required
Via Laietana, 32
fono 93 310 56 46

"El Pi Antic" / set meal & pizzes
restaurant decorated in the XVI century
near "Plaça del Pi"!!!
Pl. Sant Josep Oriol, 4
93 301 71 91

Poble Sec;

"Taverna Can Margarit" / typical tavern to dinner
bread and cold cured meat
all the decoration is like a book from Bram Stoker!!!
you can go if you can´t reserve
neighbourhood to visit
C. Concòrdia, 21


"Pizzeria Condal" / good pizza
a pressent for all the girls a red rose!!
reserve required or rest i queue
C. Galileo, 1
fono 93 411 04 13

"La Tartana" / bread an cold cured meat!!
gentle service
in front the entrance there was a famous industry,
the Joan Güell textile manufacture ("Vapor Vell")
with tables in the street for the summer
C. Joan Güell, 23


"Creps Barcelona" / creps bretons
bohemian local
C. Verdi, 17

"El Giardinetto di Gràcia "/ catalonian menu
interior garden
goog cooking
reserve required
C. Sant Lluís, 37
93 210 29 53

"Lalola" / fast service!!!
hamburguers, grillet dishes, pizza, tapas, etc.
gentle service
C. Escorial amb C. Sant Lluís

Sant Andreu;

"A Garrotxa" / "gallego" restaurant
albarinyo wine
gentle service
set meal and charter
Avda. Rio de Janeiro. 135
93 276 25 23

"Pic Nic" / pizza in bread!!!!
sandwich cook in the oven!!
good service and modern decoration
ice & coke bigger!!
without reserve
Pº Fabra i Puig, 57

"tapas routs"


"tapas bar" from the streets in "Gràcia"decided to make union and impulse an
idea, printed in one web page, that allows to all the customers to have some drink
(a beer), and eat a different "tapa", from one to the other, tuesday and wednesday,
from 19.30 to 24.00 hours, for two euros in each other.

the list and the rout there are printed in the web, and I recommend to take the
visit from all over the district, it´s very impressive to see the narrow streets,
overbooked with strange comerces and handsome people.

"wines rout"

If you want make this rout, put a pair of jeans and comfortable shoes and
go up "Ramblas", to the "Catalunya" Square, with some friends, then go down
the line to "Tallers" and "Sitges" street, and take your first cup of beer in
"La Oveja Negra", the first stop in the rout, one music tavern very crowded
in weekend, then go along "Ramblas" "Ferran" and "Avinyón" street, taking
cups all over the trip, el "Aguelo", the taverns near "la Mercé", and the
Harbour, cheap and fun rout for all the drinkers.


"bus tourístic" (metropolitan service) // "City Tour" (privated)

A bus made to take all the visitors in Barcelona around the most interesting
touristc places; Ramblas, Colon, Maremagnum, Ciutadella park, la Pedrera,
park Güell, Camp Nou, Montjuic, etc.

Take a bus in the nearest stop around your hostel, stop in the next place in
the rout, sightseing, and take the next bus to the next place in the tour.

23 € day for adult, 5 minutes pass time between buses, museums discount
ticket included, and three lines than can be combinated depending your tour
planning day in BCN.

two platforms buses and distintive publicity for each other, private and
metropolitan, guide tour and service all days, rainning or sunny  days.

 bicycles rent

Bike Rental Barcelona / Pº Picasso
20 € "boulevard type" for 3 or 6 hours.
(to reserve in  place)

Terra Diversions / C. Sta. Tecla
17 € "boulevard type" for 1 day.
(to reserve in place)

BCN bike (eléctric bicycle) / C. Roger de Flor
11 € for 3 hours.

subway and bus

One travel ticket (T-10) give you the chance to take a bus in the hotel, and if your
travel goes during less than 1 hour and 45 minuts, you can take the subway in the
next station, only checking your transport ticket, without paying (T-10 includes 10 individual tickets por 10 travels around the city).

You can buy your transport ticket in the metro stations and in the newspapers stands,
for only 9.45 € :-?.

Description how to reach the city center depending where you are hosted

Sants // linia 9 // (pl. Espanya--pl. Catalunya)

Sant Gervasi// linia 17// (pl. John F. Kennedy--pl. Catalunya)

-------Horta // linia 45 // (c. Tajo--pl. Urquinaona)

Poble Nou// línia 62 //  Lepant-plaça de Toros Monumental
and after 4 sotps give the bus at c. Bruc-Gran Via.
-then take---línia 47 // C. Bruc-Gran Via
and after 1 stop give the bus at plaça Urquinaona.

other possibility-linia 41 // (Comercial Center Diagonal Mar--pl. Catalunya)

Nou Barris// linia 50 // (pl. Virrey Amat--pl. Urquinaona)

Bon Pastor// linia 42 // (medical assistant  Bon Pastor--pl. Catalunya)

Zona Franca// linia 9 // (`pº Zona Franca--Pl. Catalunya)


&--"Fundació Tàpies" /c. Aragò
more visited because de recent died from the artist
price 7 € senior ticket

-"Cosmocaixa" / C.Isaac Newton, 26 (Tibidabo),
science museum in Barcelona,
planetarium and flooded forest
price 3€ senior ticket

museums from the historic center

-"Museu Marítim" / Av. Drassanes, s/n
models ships in real scale and maritime history
price  2.50 € senior ticket.

&--"Museu Picasso" / c. Montcada, 15 (Borne)
Picasso paints in one beatiful medieval palace
price 11 € senior ticket

&--"CCCB" / C. Montalegre, 5
Culture Center
temporary exhibitions
site of the "Festival Sónar" every year
ancient BCN Charity House

&--"MACBA" / Pl. dels Àngels
Museum of  Modern Art
building from Richard Meier
price 8 € senior ticket

-"MHCAT" / Pl. Pau Vila, 3
Catalonian History Museum
price 4 € senior ticket

-"MUHBA" / Pl. del Rei
Barcelona History Museum
Ancient Major House form the medieval city
also directed by this museum
-Gaudi museum at park Güell
-Water museum from Sant Andreu district
-August temple from the roman period
price 7€ senior price

museum all over  Montjuic

&--"Fundació Miró" / AV. de l´Estadi
building from catalan arquitect Josep Lluís Sert
paints and esculptures from  Joan Mirò
another great esculpture, "Dona Ocell", behind Arenas bull ring
price 10 € senior ticket

&--"MNAC" / Av. Maria Cristina
National Palace
catalonian romanesque art
price 10 € senior ticket

-"Caixafòrum" / Av. Francesc Ferrer i Guàrdia, 6
temporary and permanents exhibitions
building made betwen  Roberto Luna and Arata Isozaki
in the past it was a cotton manufacture from Puig i Cadafalch
free entrance expositions

for 30 € one ticket that allows the visit to the museums marked (&)


The mountain in the north of the city has some trips all around to make by foot
from north to south, and east to west, it´s poblated with holm oaks and wild
boards, and it conserve the natural sense and magical place.

Tibidabo Amusement Park  is at the top of the mountain and there´s one special
bus, from "Vall d´Hebron" subway sation,  that takes the rout from the free parking
in the same place, you must buy the park ticket and they will give your the free
target to the car sation.

All the information is in the link bellow, and the views are spectacular to the
city center in a clear day, by night it´s more impressive!!, all the atractions
are exciting and will give you a great day.

 "Rutas from Horta to Colon" (facebook) give routs all over Collserola to you,

modernism rout

One guide for all the people looking for the buildings made in the beginnig
nineteen century, Puig i Cadafalch, Doménech i Montaner, Gaudi, etc.


If you are near Lesseps subway station and you want to go to the Park Güell,
there´s some map to go easily making a trip, the only problem is to climb
to the park entrance, a mechanical stair will help you in "Sant Josep de la
Montanya" street.
  how it will be for all users!!!







Other possibility is to go first to the labirynth in Horta (there´s a mapa to
reach the park down), it will be open between 10.00 hours to 18.00, you must
pay in the entrance 2.17 €, except wednesday and sunday, it´s beautiful and
amuse, and then catch the subway in "Mundet" station, go along three or
four station to "Vallcarca" or "Lesseps" station (universitary zone), and reach
Park Güell like the first map shows.

Other interesting route to see most modernism buildings and museums in
the center, there´s a map to see making a trip:

-Palace Güell--Liceo--CCCB---MACBA---Batllo house---La Pedrera---
Sagrada Familia.
You will pass the Raval, University Square, Gran Via and Eixample center.

You must pay to see; Güell Palace (10 €), MACBA(8 €), Batllo House(18 €), La Pedrera(8 €), Sagrada Familia(13 €)

The last map to see all the gardens, Olimpic centers (remember this 2012 BCN celebrates the World Junior Athelics Championship in this place) and interesting
places in our Magic Mountain, like Spanish town or Magic Fountain.

To reach the begining of the route you can take bus number 50 in Plaza Espanya.


by bicycle

"Barcelona CicloTour" /Tallers Street (near Rambles)
-tour over BCN with 17 stops for 22 €
-tour by night
-tour + "Hard Rock" for 34 €

personal guide

this page recommend:

Marta gives you personal tours in private transport, from the airport or the mall,
or the hostel, if you want!!, all that you want to see in BCN, she will take to visit
with his guidance company.

For the people sleeping in the north of the city, we have some guide experience
to take you all over Gaudi´s rout, park Güell and Carmelo mountain, also
parks in the north, labirynth and "Tres Turons".  We wait not disappoint our
hosted customer from all over the world, Horta is a welcoming district!/RutasFromHortaToColon

C. Boqueria, 27
"Casc Antic" behind "Iglésia del Pi"
meeting point for tourist in BCN
(take a cup of beer or a refresh in the bar, and then you can start a guide route
around the city history).

tour daily at 11.00 / 13.00 and 15.00 hours

tour at 18.00 hours for 23 €, you can go and eat authentic spanish meat
(paella and tapas)

tour at 20.00 hours for 27 €, you can see a flamenco show and take sangria.


- World Junior Championship (Olimpic Stadium) -- 10-15 july 2012.-


-Mundial Swimming Championship (2013)

-Sunborn ship and luxury hotel arriving (spring 2012)

- Departure AVE train from Barcelona to France (2014??)

-Subway train to the airport (2014??)

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